21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research
Yokohama Japan
June 6 - 10, 2010 Pacifico Yokohama

General Meeting Information


Click here to download Pacifico Yokohama Floor Plan


The registration desk will be opened on the following schedule at the 2nd floor of Conference Center.

June 6 (Day 1) 14:00 20:00
June 7 (Day 2) 8:30 18:30
June 8 (Day 3) 8:30 18:30
June 9 (Day 4) 8:30 18:30
June 10 (Day 5) 8:30 12:30


Welcome Drink

Organizing Committee will welcome all participants.

Welcome Drink will be served on June 6 (Day 1) from 18:00 to 20:00 at the 3rd floor of Conference Center.


Oral Sessions

Oral sessions will be held at the Main Hall and the 3rd floor of Conference Center.


For Oral Presentation Speakers

Oral speakers are requested to bring their presentation file (MS Powerpoint) or their own PCs to the PC desk at least 30 min before their session (Not their talk) starts.

Speakers who presents at main hall:
Please bring your PC or presentation file to room "024" at B1F of Conference Center.

Speakers who presents at 3rd floor:
Please bring your PC or presentation file to room "316" at 3F of Conference Center.




All posters are displayed throughout the conference in the Exhibition Hall A.

The Exhibition Hall A will be opened on the following schedule.

June 7 (Day 2) 8:30 22:00
June 8 (Day 3) 8:30 22:00
June 9 (Day 4) 8:30 21:00
June 10 (Day 5) 8:30 12:00

The posters are classified by category number. Poster abstracts are available in the abstract book or online web site of this conference. Posters of late submission are available only in the web site. Each poster board (W90 X H210 cm) is numbered.

Poster presenters can mount their posters on the board according to their poster abstract number from 8:30 of June 7 (Day 2). Poster presenters are requested to stand in front of their posters in the following time:
Odd-numbers: June 7 (Day 2) 18:45 20:45
Even-numbers: June 8 (Day 3) 18:45 20:45


All posters have to be removed by the noon of June 10 (Day 5).
At the lunch time of June 10, all remaining posters will be removed by the conference organizers.



Exhibits will be opened in the Exhibition Hall A from June 7 (Day 2) to June 9 (Day 4).



Conference Banquet will be held on June 9 (Day 4) from 19:00 to 21:00 at the "Ballroom", 3rd floor of Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel.


Banquet Ticket Sales

The delegates who have already registered will receive the Banquet tickets at the time of registration. You can purchase Banquet tickets onsite anytime the registration desk is open. Banquet ticket is 8,000 Japanese yen. Please bring your ticket to the Banquet Venue and give them to the staffs.


Onsite T-shirt Sales

You can purchase T-shirts at the 2nd floor of Conference Center anytime between June 7 at 8:30 and June 10 at 12:30. Please check opening times of the registration desk on specific days. We accept only Japanese cash.


Internet is freely available at 3rd floor of Conference Center. (Except for rooms 301, 302, 303 and 304. Please check the floor map)


NSF 2010 and Beyond Session

The session will be held on June 8 (Day 3), 13:00 15:00, at room 301+302+303+304.
Served with lunch.


Yokohama Citizen Open Seminar

The seminar "To seek the roots of food" will be held for public on June 8 (Day 3), 15:30 17:00, at Conference Center 3rd floor, room 315. (Language: Japanese)


Smoking Policy

Smoking is only allowed at smoking areas: Conference Center 1st and 3rd floors and Exhibition Hall 1st floor. Yokohama city legally prohibits smoking on the streets and restaurants to prevent passive smoking.


Meals and Refreshments

Lunch will be served to attendees on day 2 (June 7), day 3 (June 8) and day 4 (June 9).
Coffee and other beverages will be served during coffee breaks.


Cameras/Video/Audio Recording

Taking photos, videos, or audio recording of any kind of the posters and sessions will be PROHIBITED.