21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research
Yokohama Japan
June 6 - 10, 2010 Pacifico Yokohama


Abstract Submission is closed.


Abstract length is limited to 2,400 characters (including spaces, title, authors & institutions).

Please select a session in which to present among 17 categories.


  1. Regeneration
  2. Biotic responses
  3. Abiotic responses
  4. Epigenetic and RNA regulation
  5. Novel function of peptides
  6. Metabolism
  7. Systems biology
  8. Developmental regulation
  9. Research tools and resources
  10. Evolution and natural variation
  11. Cell biology
  12. Hormone responses
  13. Cell wall
  14. Plant genomics
  15. Plant biotechnology
  16. Bioinformatics
  17. Others


Participants may choose to present a poster ONLY, or request a poster presentation AND consideration for an oral presentation. Abstracts submitted after March 8 will not be considered for oral presentation but will be included in the abstract book for a poster presentation. Abstracts must be submitted before the end of March or they will not be included in the abstract book. The Organizing Committee will send notification to participants whose abstracts have been selected for an oral presentation before March 17.



Please be aware that all dates are in Japanese time.

Oral Abstract Submission Deadline: March 8, 2010
Poster Abstract Submission Deadline (included in Abstract Book): March 31, 2010
Poster Abstract Submission Deadline (board display only): May 21, 2010

Abstracts of late submission will be accepted as Poster presentation only and will not be included in the abstract book.



For italics, use <I> and </I> before and after, respectively, the text to be italicized:<I>text in italics</I>
For underlining, use <U> and </U> before and after, respectively, the text to be underlined: <U>underlined text</U>>



An author may be associated with multiple institutions. Any number of authors may be added.
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AGI Codes:

Please enter AGI codes for all genes described in the presented work. Example: At1g01015, At1g01018


AGI codes will not be printed in your abstract or made public in any form prior to the conference. They will be used after the conference to associate your abstract within TAIR to the genes with the listed AGI codes, and will assist with the effort to monitor progress toward the 2010 initiative goal of understanding the function of all Arabidopsis genes by 2010.



Confirmation of submission

After the successful submission, you will receive the confirmation via email immediately.



For any inquiries on the abstract submission, please contact ICAR2010 conference secretariat, c/o ICS Convention Design, Inc.
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